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Community Spanish: A Survival Guide for English Speakers

Learn to speak and comprehend practical common phrases and questions in Spanish for routine everyday interactions. Understand fundamental aspects of Latino culture. Course is usally 16 hours, offered in a series of 2-hour sessions. Content may also be industry specific (ie. healthcare, school administration, emergency services, construction, retaiol, banking)


Collaboration is a skill that is utilized with one or more people to produce or create a result or shared goal. Everyone in the group has a shared vision or outcome. The group not only has to work together, they must think together, and the product comes from group effort. Collaborators are equal partners. Do we know what it takes to achieve successful collaboration with colleagues? What are the importance and benefits of collaboration in the workplace and how can employers create a collaborative environment and reward employees for collaborative efforts?

Four Animals to Improve Communication

Have you ever wondered how to improve communications with your team? Your boss? Your customers? Break down all the sticky areas of communication through the lens of the animals who holds things up! Learn about them today, and take your communication to a whole new level!

Building Positivity in the Workplace

Learn to apply the latest research proving that positivity helps individuals and teams think better, solve problems quicker and become more engaged. Take away proven tools which PROPEL you to reframe and overcome obstacles. This proactive approach will enable your team to thrive to produce greater results

Working with You is Killing Me

This workshop is a based on the national bestselling book, Working with You is Killing Me by Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster. The focus is on the importance of interpersonal relationships with co-workers, and how to successfully handle troublesome behaviors from others in the workplace.

Leadership for Non-Supervisors

Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors will help professional staff and other non-supervisory staff understand their leadership role when working with peers and associates within the organization. During this program, participants learn how to approach, inspire, and motivated others over which they have no direct authority in order to achieve successful results.

Writing for the Business Professional

This class helps you write better – and write right. Its approach is practical, and focuses on the ability to write clearly and concisely in today’s business and professional environment. Participants explore the elements of plain language so their readers can understand what they read with speed and ease.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary - World Class Customer Service

Critical to an organization’s long-term success is the role of employees in providing excellence in critical customer service skills. This highly interactive session defines quality customer service, identifies internal and external customers, examines the impact of generational and cultural differences impacting customer interactions, identifies the unique challenges and skills for phone-based customer service including how to build relationships and influence others and builds awareness of the impact of a few extra steps towards customer service excellence.

The Four Generations at Work- Why is it Important and What are the Key Differences Why Learn About the Four Generations?

  • Changing demographics
  • Better understand it’s impact in the workplace
  • Increase personal competency in communication and management
  • Promote teamwork

The key to understanding different generations is the events and conditions each of us experience during our formative years help define who we are and how we view the world. The generation we grow up in is just one of the influences on adult behavior.

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"AACC understands the adult learning process and was a delight to work with. They’ve added a lot and this training will serve as the driving force behind changes and improved job services at Goodwill of the Chesapeake."

Karen Pearson
Vice President, Workforce Development
Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake

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