Engagement Coach Training

Philosophy, Model and Approach

The Engagement Coach Training Program aligns with ICF standards and trains new coaches in a diverse coaching skill set gleaned from the three courses: Engage, Expand, and Experience. After completing the three courses, coaches will have an arsenal of skills and tools to use with clients in a range of environments at work, home and beyond. To visually learn more about the Engagement Coach model, see the three concentric circle model, below.

Engagement Coaching Model Download the Engagement Coaching Model PDF

What participants have said:

Coaching skills have transformed my life NOT just my work. I have quickly implemented many coaching skills in an attempt to enhance the world around me. Coaching has change my way of thinking. I’ve been able to get curious and see things with an open mind. I have been able to stretch myself to places I was once afraid to go. I’ve expanded my skillset and by doing so, have brought a new me to my colleagues, staff and students. In my opinion, coaching is the highest form of empowerment, both internal and external.

Duane Herr, Director of Athletics