Engagement Coach Training

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the language(s) that are used in program delivery?
  2. English

  3. How is the program delivered (e.g. face-to-face, webinar, telephonic, combination)?
  4. This program is offered face-to-face in three, 3-day courses (approximately 60 synchronous hours) that must be taken in the required order: Course One: Engage, Course Two: Expand, and Course Three: Experience. Due to the nature of this training, there is currently no completely online or distance learning component offered for this program. In between and during courses, there is also 2-6 asynchronous hours of homework and observed coaching sessions required.

  5. Who are the intended participants?
  6. This program is designed for up to 24 people who will take all three courses consecutively and is accredited by the International Coach Federation. There is an expectation that participants will complete a specified amount of coaching with clients over the duration of the program on which they will receive written and verbal feedback on at least five observed coaching sessions. Due to the broad nature of coaching, this program is ideal for participants who are growth-minded, interested in expanding personally and professionally, and seek to positively impact others. For participants who seek AAC certification through ICF, in all three courses, information will be shared regarding current ICF requirements for coach certification.

  7. What are the requirements students must meet to enter the program?
  8. Participants for this program must be 18 years or older and have English proficiency. There are no other prerequisites to enrolling in this program, however, the three, 3-day courses must be taken in order as described previously.

  9. What are the policies on payment of tuition and fees?
  10. The fee for the entire program (including three, 3-day, synchronous courses and written and verbal feedback on at least five observed coaching sessions) per participant is approximately $3500.

  11. What are the policies on withdrawals and refunds?
  12. Because of the nature of this comprehensive training program and due to accreditation standards, mandatory attendance is required of all participants at all nine days of coach training over the three, 3-day courses. All college policies apply to withdrawals and refunds.

What participants have said:

Coaching techniques help my employees look at situations with a new perspective and to solve workplace issues in a more positive way.

Lisa A. Sanford, PHR |Director, HR Operations

For me, coaching is about helping people live more meaningfully. Learning coaching skills has made me a more effective college professor and department chair.

Steven Canaday, Ph.D., Professor of English, Chair, Department of English and Communications, Anne Arundel Community College